Have you been watching the silly drug commercials lately?  These long drawn out commercials that talk about all the side effects and interactions with other medications?  They can ruin a tv show in my opinion.  Seeing the same people playing golf, or walking on the beach with their golden retriever (as much as I love goldens!!)

Now I am not one of those over the top chiropractors that insist you take no medications.  I do agree there are many medications on the market that are absolutely necessary and beneficial to patients.  My beef today is with the drug for this drug for that.  The opioid induced constipation drug that is being advertised now.  For those of you that are not familiar, opioids are a drug that used to treat pain.  Typically they are prescribed to patients with chronic pain.  They are addictive, narcotic and cause constipation.  So now the medical answer to this is not treat the patient with another form of care, but to give the patients another medication to treat a side effect of the medication.  Where does this stop?  How many more meds are you going to have to take for the side effects of the second drug?

Chiropractic care can be very effective at treating chronic pain.  I see a lot of patients every week that have tried about every other method of care before they finally have the epiphany of “oh what the heck I’ll try chiropractic care, it can’t hurt.”  Then they find out that chiropractic care is very effective and they start to feel better.  Then they start to enjoy the side effects of chiropractic care, which are increased activity, increased sense of well being, improved range of motion, better health….  See where I’m going with this one?  Chiropractic care will not only improve your pain, it has side effects that are beneficial to you, not causing you to spiral out of control with more conditions and side effects.

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