There are several common myths about chiropractic.

1. Once you go you always have to go back.

2. You become addicted to getting adjusted and always want to go to the chiropractor.

At Elements Chiropractic we have a very relaxed atmosphere with complete honesty. We provide the care that is needed and make the recommendation for the appropriate follow up care. Then it is up to the patient to decide what is right for them in their healthcare journey.

Typically when a patient first presents they are in pain. To decrease the symptoms it usually takes 3-4 adjustments over 2 weeks. Then it can be advisable to follow up in a week or two to see how the adjustment is “holding.”

If a patient would like to continue with a wellness or maintenance plan typically patients will come in about once a month for a “tune-up.” Of course if a patient decides to call as needed that is available too. Always feel free to call in a few days or few years. That’s why we are here, to serve you. And no guilt trip.