When I go to the gym I see guys using the 90 pound dumbbells to workout. I am not strong enough to work out with those weights so the obvious answer is the gym should get rid of those weights for me. I know I’m supposed to eat less fat and more vegetables, but brownies taste better. So we should just make everybody gain 20 pounds so I fit in better.

Don’t make the environment adapt to you, you need to adapt to your environment.

By taking control of your health and lifestyle you can ease a lot of concerns. We all know exercise and improved diet will help most type 2 diabetic patients. But do they all do this or just jump right to taking insulin? We all know flossing our teeth everyday is good for us, do we all do it?

You can’t expect a magic potion, pill or lotion to fix everything for you. Just the same as chiropractic alone won’t fix everything. You need to put in some work too. You need to eat correctly (yeah you can still have the brownies), exercise (trust me the dog will love going for a walk), and get adjusted regularly (once a month-it takes 15 minutes and is painless).

BJ Palmer said, “while other professions are concerned about changing the environment to suit the weakened body, chiropractic is concerned with strengthening the body to suit the environment.”

For 125 years chiropractors have been telling their patients the benefits of a healthy nervous system that controls every cell in your body. Find a good chiropractor that will teach you about your nervous system, immune system, healthy living and not push a box of supplements and fad diets at you to make a few extra bucks.