The is an old question that is often presented to business owners that is called the elevator question.  If you got in an elevator with somebody and had 30 seconds to explain what you do for a living and get them interested in your product or service what would you say?  Of course it would seem like an easy answer in my line of work, in less you have been living in a shack in the mountains mailing bombs to professors for your entire life you know what a chiropractor is and most likely have a vague understanding of what we do.  Most people will have the come back of “oh hey I have this catch in my neck,” or my favorite is “I love my chiropractor!”

The bigger question is what do I do as a chiropractor that makes me different than the many other chiropractors in town?  From the average patient’s perspective all chiropractors would be the same just with different personalities.  The big difference that I use to separate myself is patient education and patient comfort.

I think it is important for patients to understand what is causing their condition.  I enjoy sitting down and reviewing X-rays with patients to explain what is causing their pain and what we have to do to correct their condition and symptoms.

I also concentrate on patient comfort.  I understand when you have pain that you are nervous and concerned getting adjusted will hurt or even make things worse.  I have a gentle technique and always start as gentle as possible.  Then as we start to work together we can determine what the best treatment plan is to get you feeling better again.