I know this has been a very scaring time for people. There is a lot of confusion about how a virus spreads, what is a safe action and what happens once a virus is in or on your body.

I view this as a good time to do a little teaching. Even during a pandemic you still have a functioning immune system. Your body is exposed to, and fights off many bacterial and viral infections every year. The coronavirus was first identified before World War II. Yep you read that right.

This strain is called COVID-19 because it is the 2019 mutated version of the virus. Viruses have the ability to mutate. Therefore, every year the influenza vaccination has to change. The same thing has occurred with this virus. Unfortunately, nature was pretty scary and effective this time. It mutated into a more contagious and effective virus.

One of the problems with vaccinations and mutations is predicting how the virus is going to mutate. I’m sure you have all known somebody that got the flu shot and still got the flu. It was not the right mutated vaccine for that strain. And it’s rather difficult to predict the future and mutations.

But let’s all remember…you still have an immune system!!! For the most part a fully functioning healthy immune system should be able to recognize and defend your body against an invading virus or bacteria. People that are at greater risk are those that have chronic conditions (obesity, diabetes, COPD, HIV etc). And these people should take extra pre-cautions. As well as the people that could be exposing those susceptible individuals.

I am going to make this a two part series. In the next one I will explain how your immune system works in layman’s terms. See you there soon!