This time of year I often start to see New Year’s Resolution people filtering in for aches and pain that have popped up from their new exercise routine. It’s not uncommon to overdo it the first few weeks with a new exercise program. The key is making exercise fun and sustainable. Meaning you can continue to do the activity for weeks, months, and years to come. Exercise, proper diet and chiropractic are the three parts of what we call the Chiropractic Lifestyle. Use your body the way it was meant to be used, fuel it the way it was meant to be fueled and heal it by using chiropractic care and your innate intelligence. You body is an amazing machine and has the ability to heal, grow, and adapt (innate intelligence). You just need to let your body do what it does best. As always I am here for any stage in your health journey. If that means an occasional tune up for an ache or pain or regular adjustments once a month to keep you performing at your best.